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I love watching cheerleaders do their heart-stopping routine. The most recent cheer dance competition I have been to trigger the curiosity about their outfits and most especially their makeup. It is just so fascinating to see how beautiful their faces turn out after the makeup has been applied. Luckily for me, I have cheerleader friends and the information I needed came in handy. They know that they need to look good but the cheer look is different than the average beauty or makeup routine. There are important tips to bear in mind. They make sure not to overdo their makeup to not end up looking like a clown. They make it a habit to prepare or practice makeup run before the big event. They have makeup inspiration ideas and the best thing that matters to them is the quality and safety of the products that they use. To complete the look, they want something that is both glamorous and practical. Oftentimes they go with a classic high ponytail. Sometimes they curl their hair and top it off with glitter hair spray or glitter gloss. Sometimes they braid them too and then pull them back into a ponytail. My cheerleader friends are teenage girls so they choose the best cheer competition makeup and glitter gloss especially for them.

They go only for Petite n Pretty makeup. They have the best makeup for teens as they only create non-toxic makeup. They have Gen Glitter. It has its very own custom applicator. The scent is fruity and floral extract inspired by their signature scent. It has Jojoba Derived Emollient which is a helps the pearl and glitter stay on the skin with a weightless feel. It has Squalene which is a natural hydrant. They have three available colors of Gen Glitter and all are best sellers. They have the BLVD Bling, So Fancy, and 14 Karat Wear It. It is just so perfect for cheer and dance recital makeup too. My friends are so in love with it and I realized I am obsessed with using them myself. It brings out the best in my brown skin. It is also perfect for highlighting and the glitters look perfect as a cheek highlighter.

Their 9021-SNOW! Eye and Cheek Palette is literally to die for! I have tried them and I can definitely say, it layers nicely without the cakey look. The shades are very sparkly. The colors are just so pretty! The packaging is superb and super cute and seeing them looks so fun! This palette even has a holographic highlighter. The shades have unique names and adorable shimmers. They have Frosted Fronds which is a midtone peach shimmer. Next is the Bungalow Bronze which is a sheer warm tan with silver pearl. They have So Marshmellow which is midtone taupe like the creamiest cocoa. Cocoa on Ice which is a deep taupe brown shimmer. The Pink Palace is actually a blush that has midtone pink nude shade. Rodeo Lights is a sheer pale pink with douchrome pink pearl. Vacay Vibes is a midtone cool pink. Glitzen is a holographic lavender with a blue pearl. Star Boi is a midtone cool pink shimmer. Star Grl is a midtone royal blue shimmer and it includes Winter La La Land highlighter which is a pale aqua with holographic pink and blue pearl! Don’t you just love them?! We all do! The colors matches the vibe and energy of a fabulous cheer competition! The perfect way to complete their cheer routine where they can leap and shine confidently. This is absolutely the safest makeup ever created age-appropriate for teenage cheerleaders and young girls with dance recitals.