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How to choose the perfect Name Necklace according to your dress

Whether for your wedding, a graduation or some other special event, we help you choose the ideal complements. The accessories are as important as the dress or set it. Therefore, if a bad choice is made, the result can be disastrous. With these simple tips you will achieve that your look has harmony and, of course, you look amazing. Learn to choose the perfect Name Necklace for your dress.

Your style

Currently there are many designs of earrings, Name Necklace, bracelets and rings with different types of stones and precious gems. However, when choosing one for the occasion, the important thing will be that you feel comfortable with it. Just as you would not wear stilettos to a garden party because you could be uncomfortable, you would not wear a turtleneck choker either. Therefore, be true to yourself.

The neckline

The necklaces will help to stylize the neck and face. Remember that jewellery are accessories, so it should not compete with your outfit, but achieve a balance.


With this cut there is versatility regarding the size of the necklace, without leaving aside the colour or print of the dress. You can wear a discreet or very flashy one. However, it is recommended that this arrive before the start of the attire.


For this neckline, we recommend one of medium size, which is not too ostentatious, especially if the gown of the dress already bears rhinestones. The same shape directs attention to the chest. On the other hand, use one that follows the same lines of this type of neckline.

A jewel is always a very special gift, although sometimes it is difficult to choose and guess right.

Here are some guidelines or tips that can come in handy when choosing the most appropriate jewel and the one that best suits your tastes.

  • The bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants simple can be a safer option to hit the gift.
  • If we are not clear about the tastes of the person we are going to give, it is preferable to choose a simple, minimalist design. Do not get complicated with very ornate designs or that combine various types of materials, tones, etc.
  • The silver usually combines very well and we will have more chances of hitting the gift. Also materials such as white gold or stainless steel are quite neutral and combine with almost everything.
  • Keep in mind that currently the design and elegance of a jewel is valued, even above the material with which it is made. Precious metals and gems have an additional value for their exclusivity, but to go beautiful and elegant or to give a jewel does not need to mortgage the house, you can find precious pieces in jewellery for a reasonable price .