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Category: Beauty

Leap and Shine

I love watching cheerleaders do their heart-stopping routine. The most recent cheer dance competition I have been to trigger the curiosity about their outfits and most especially their makeup. It is just so fascinating to see how beautiful their faces turn out after the makeup has been applied. Luckily for me, I have cheerleader friends […]

What’s Meant by Beauty?

Real beauty. This really is most likely the concern on most women around the world. Many have attempted to reply to this your clients’ needs their cosmetics while some have resorted with a herbal essences. However, when attempting individuals so-known as beauty items, lots of women have gone through stress since they didn’t discover the […]

The Science Of Beauty

It’s undoubtedly that individuals desire physical beauty. But knowledge states that people shouldn’t define beauty by only what we should see around the outdoors. It states that true beauty originates from the center. If a person is fairly around the outdoors but comes with an ugly heart, then that individual is every bit not beautiful. […]

Is Beauty A ‘Soft’ Subject?

I’m a new comer to blogging and upon discussing the information of my blog having a friend, they expressed their surprise that ‘someone so academic’ could be covering a ‘soft’ subject like beauty. Now I wasn’t whatsoever happy only at that remark. It’s not only certainly one of my passions and also the subject that […]

Beauty in Imperfection

Based on many people, beauty may be the product of the pleasing appearance and taste, by the length of all of the parts being duly proportioned to one another. However, we unsuccessful to understand that ladies who stay in keeping with are always more intriguing and beautiful. In addition to that, character plays a role […]

Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?

We’re frequently told becoming an adult that beauty isn’t skin deep. True beauty supposedly comes from inside, or from your personalities and figures. However, it’s difficult not to ask, “Is beauty skin deep?” Our existence encounters frequently inform us that beauty is definitely only skin deep. And in addition, the west states it’s the only […]